Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Baby, it's cold outside.."

Wow, are we in a deep freeze. I woke up this morning to a thermometer that read -9 degrees. Now that's cold! It's not neccesarily a bad thing though, it's gotten my creative juices flowing again after a holiday burn out.

A large pot of an old family favorite of Polish Chicken Soup should warm the body and soul tonight. Plus it is making the house smell wonderful!

I have pulled, from my stockpile, some project I would like to complete this week. Some wonderful patterns and kits I have collected. Plus some new gourds that need to be cleaned and dealt with. I ordered these from the Welburn Gourd Farm in California. My gourds are still drying in the barn and will not be ready until mid summer. I'll deal with them then.

And I finally got my rear in gear and used some of the wonderful yarn I have been collecting. I've completed one sock, a simple, single crochet pattern that I added a little ruffle edge to. At least one of my feet will be warm and happy now!
Now I have to get to work on the rest of it. Laundry is waiting as well.
Enjoy and stay warm.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Embrace life

I just need to talk....

After a phone call with a friend, a story I will get to in a minute, I just sat down and watched Barbara Walter's special with Patrick Swayze. I had recorded it last night, not wanting to get upset before I went to bed, knowing I would have time to watch it alone with my tissues this afternoon. I have been a fan of his for years, ever since I was first introduced to him in Dirty Dancing. I've seen and liked almost all of his movies. An incredibly strong person, he always plays strong, yet soft and caring, characters. It is hard to see him now fighting for his life. Seeing him looking so frail in the interview just brought back images of my Grandfather, a once very proud man, reduced to the shell of who he once was prior to his death. Patrick is fighting his cancer with every ounce of his being and with an aggression and obstinance that I hope he can hold onto for for a much longer period of time so that he can beat the odds. The world would be a lesser place without him. In my time, we have lost too many other greats, people I grew up with. Jim Hanson, Michael Landon and many others. Patrick, I wish you the best and keep fighting, we are not ready to loose you yet.

Now, back to my friend's phone call. She and her family had moved to Texas this summer and now live on a fairly quiet street. She happened to look out the window and noticed a few police cars in front of one elderly (at least she thought so) neighbor's house. A few moments later an ambulance arrived and more police. It was obvious that something was wrong. She later found out that this so thought elderly man had been found dead on his property. He was described to me as a man so protective of his privacy that his neighbors had been trained to leave him be. He was not unfriendly, just wished his privacy be respected. So as they drove past his house, out of respect for him, they did not look down his driveway, or glance at his house. If they had, he may have been found. See, he has cut down a tree in his yard, which fell across his driveway, hooked up his tractor and was in the process of pulling the tree to wherever he had planned to dispose of it. Something tragic occurred, most likely a massive coronary, and he passed away on his tractor, tree still attached and blocking his driveway, very visible from any car passing his house. This, according to the coroner, happened on either Thursday or Friday. He was found by a friend, after not showing up for a scheduled meeting, outside, on his tractor, on Monday! This poor man so secluded himself from society that even once he passed away, he was not noticed by neighbors that drove past his house daily and out of respect, did not pass a glance in his direction. I have to stop and wonder, was it worth it?

Take a minute and check up on neighbors. This man was assumed to be in his mid 70's. In reality, he was only 57! Too young to die alone and unnoticed.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009

As the sun rises on this, the first day of 2009, I am forced to look back at the happenings of '08.
The year began uneventfully, my husband, son and in laws all had their snowmobile trips planned and were anxiously awaiting the departure dates. On the eve of one such trip, a poor, elderly man with much of his mind stolen by age wandered into our basement at the wee hours of the morning. It was a freezing night and he had nothing more than a pair of pants and a dress shirt on, bedroom slippers were his shoes. He met me at my basement door around 7am and as I was shocked and terrified to find someone had broken into our home, I was also heartbroken by this poor man. He made me thankful for the family I have, and made me vow to take whatever steps neccesary to keep them safe (sorry mom and dad, you may be committed!).

Spring arrived with an onsought of Easter Basket orders that threw me into such a panick and stress that it brought on a relapse of my MS. With my back in spasms that would not relent even to some heavy drugs I forged onward...we had a wedding shower to plan.

In May, my sister in law married a wonderful man and we inherited two wonderful nieces. It was a glorious day, perfect weather and a wonderful time was had by all!

Summer was filled with camping trips and craft shows. My business was growing and so were the kids. It is amazing how things happen when we are not even looking! My son was starting to read and getting ready to start school. My daughter was starting the potty training process,

Fall arrived with the weekend frenzy of craft shows, business was so good I could barely weave fast enough to keep up the inventory and fill orders. Griffin started school with a smile on his face and Machaella was beginning to start skipping naps. My babies are growing up so fast, even thinking of it now brings tears to my eyes!

Winter brought sleighrides, snowmen, snowmobiles and get togethers with friends.

I want to thank all those who supported me over the year with the building of my business, I am finally making a profit!!! My family, you know who you are, for the ideas, push and drive (and for buying baskets!!!) Mom, for always making me believe in myself. Dad, for the encouragement. Ryan, for your never ending support behind the scenes, I could not have done it with out you.

This year I will do more and do better. I will be a better wife and mother, daughter and daughter in law. I will make more time for friends. Ryan, for you, I vow to clean up my reed and not let the rat's nest spread around the house.

And...I will spin. My baskets have enabled me to buy my first wheel. Now I just need to decide what kind of wheel I want.

Happy New Year everyone!