Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Long Overdue!

Wow, has it really been a month since my last post?? Where did the time go? I hope this is not an indication of how fast the summer is going to pass. I've been busy though, productive busy.

I did manage to finish this pair of ultra warm socks! I mentioned them in a prior post, I fell in love with this yarn and had to have it. Being that they are crocheted and used the stitch that they did, these are probably the most expensive pair of socks I will ever own! they used almost 175grams of yarn at $9/50 grams!!! Don't tell my husband!!!! But aren't they pretty? And my feet will be so warm and happy this winter, it is justified in my book!

Remember the singles I was spinning in my last post? It is done and plied and I am thinking of using it as a last round edging on a circle sweater I will be working on while driving, yes, driving, with 2 small children to Florida next week. They greyish yarn will be the body of the sweater and has just a dash of color, the same purple and a touch of blue. Since we are planning this trip, I have been spinning like a mad woman to have enough yard to last the 5 planned days of driving. I think I am there, at least my husbands hopes I am! He wants his clean house back!!! Imagine the nerve!

I also spun this...not sure what to do with it, but I really liked the color. It needs a project. I needed recuperation. I had minor surgery on my wrist 2 weeks ago and could not lift, bend, etc. So I had to was productive and therapeutic. Now that it has healed enough, I have to leave my yet unnamed spinning wheel alone and get back to weaving baskets. I have lots of shows coming up and WILL NOT get myself as stressed as I did in April. I will not procrastinate, I will not procrastinate, I will not procrastinate....yeah right!!!

Oh, I almost forgot...I also received this last week!!!!

Nancy, over at Basketmaster's Weaving sent me this. Thanks Nancy, I promise to have more basket related posts coming up!

And these are the rules:
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so, here is my list:
Tammy @ Treadleworks by Tammy
Jill @ Jillblog
Cyndy @ Riverrim
Corry @ Dutch Blue
Anne @ Cottons n wool
Lynnette @ Dustbunnies under my Loom
Cindie @eweniquelyewe

I have not yet figured out how to set up a link to their blogs within a text, but you can find them all in my list of blogs. All are extremely talented and creative woman that I truely enjoy following.